Make Money Easily Right Now With These 3 Affiliate Strategies

One of the benefits of doing affiliate marketing is that, you really do not need to handle too many things such as developing a product, handling customer and refund and so on. The product owner handles all those things. So affiliate marketing is a good start for your online business and make money easily.

Given that you have joined an affiliate program, what is next to having them start sending you checks as quick as possible?

Here are 3 strategies that you can use to boost your affiliate marketing business and make money easily:

1. Find out the affiliate program that converted very well: You are not going to find an affiliate program that pays out the most commission, but finding the one that convert well, and enable you to make great profit easily in a very short time.

Several points that you should consider when pick an affiliate program.

  • Once you notice several affiliate programs that you find it converting very well, look at their commission structure. For example, are they paying recurring commission? Are they paying high percentage commission and so on?
  • Can this product fit in with your target audience?
  • Does the affiliate program have a solid track record that will pay their affiliate commission on time?

If you find that an affiliate program does not fulfill the requirements above, drop that program and move to next one. There are plenty of affiliate program and it is not difficult to find a good one. By the way, you do not want to spend your money on programs that do not make money easily for you.

When you find out and join the program, you can start promoting it. For example, you can write a report or a short guide that is related to the product you promote and distribute it to your site. Since there are many affiliate out there in the world, distinguish yourself from them is a key to out-perform them. And in your report, you can provide some valuable information for free. If it is possible, write your review on the product you are promoting. Visitors who read your guide will probably buy the product based on your information.

2. Collecting name email address of people who download your guide: It is common that people will not buy when they first see the product or service. You may probably need to send message to them around 6 times in order to make a first sale.

And because of this, it is wise to collect their email address before download your free guide. Once you got their information you would be able to follow up with them regularly in order to remind them to purchase from you. Therefore, before sending them to vendor’s website, try every best to collect their contact address. Remember that you are advertising for the product owner for free. If you do not collect visitor’s information, chances are that you will lose them forever. On the contrary, if you collect their email address, you can send them marketing information of different product to the same person continuously, hence making more money from them.

However, if your customers are flooded by your marketing email only, they know that they will not get any value from you any more and finally unsubscribe from your email list. So the best approach is, to strike a balance between selling an affiliate product and providing information. For example, you can create a newsletter and send to them regularly. Then let say after 4 – 5 issues you can send them a sales letter. If you can do it continuously chances are that your customers will not see you as a “Sales guy” but an “Information provider” and more likely to buy from you.

3. Ask for higher commission from merchants: So if you are very successful in selling certain affiliate product, you should try negotiating with your merchant and see if they can raise your commission from the sales you made.

If the merchant is smart enough, they will know that to them, you are a big player and also a big asset to them. So they are likely to raise your commission. Remember, you are actually a zero-risk investment from the point of view of merchant. In other words, if you do not want to promote their product, you are good to go. So don’t be shy on asking for a reasonable raise in your commission.

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